Treat ACLL To A Donation – There Is No Trick To It

Getting ready for Halloween???  Can we remind you to shop for your treats, costumes, and decorations at and Amazon will donateamazon_halloween_pumpkinskull to Alameda County Law Library.

amazon_halloween_batWhat is really scary is a 40% drop, over the past few years, in California county law library annual revenues due to the decrease in the civil filing fees received by the courts.

Please use the following link to purchase your Halloween or any holiday supplies (Can you believe they are advertising Christmas movies during the baseball playoffs?) while at the same time supporting ACLL’s mission to provide free access to legal resources for our community.

Thank you.

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Ilka Hartmann – Images of Oakland & Events – Black Panther Party

Bobby Hutton Memorial Rally – Alameda County Courthouse – Image by Ilka Hartmann

Fifty years ago in Oakland this month the Black Panther Party was established. Photographer Ilka Hartmann was there, documenting many of the events in Oakland and the Bay Area of “The Sixties” social unrest.

ACLL has on loan from the photographer some of her historical images of these turbulent times when interest across the country and the world was focused here.

The image accompanying this post is of a 1968 memorial rally for Bobby Hutton. In the background is the Rene C. Davidson Court House building.

You can view the display of these images during ACLL Oakland’s normal business hours. MWF ~ 8:30 to 6:00, TTh 8:30 ~ 9:00.  We are located at 125 12th Street in Oakland.

For more information about Ms. Hartmann and her work –

Now on Westlaw- Start with Practical Law!


Alameda County Law Library patrons can now access Practical Law through the library’s Westlaw subscription.

Designed to provide “a better starting point” for attorneys, Practical Law offers task-based guides, practice notes, model documents and clauses, and checklists in a variety of practice areas. These point-of-need tools can help lawyers efficiently accomplish specific tasks for their clients, such as drafting a living trust, dissolving a corporation, developing an employee handbook, or purchasing commercial real estate.

Practical Law content is written and continually updated by attorney editors with significant practice experience at the country’s best law firms and corporate legal departments.

Highlights include:

Practice Notes

Practice Notes are straightforward how-to guides and clear explanations of current law and practice, ranging from basic overviews to detailed analysis for specialists.


Standard Documents and Clauses

Over 200 Standard Documents and Clauses that can be downloaded and saved in Word for easy editing and customization. These form templates are up-to-date, reflect current law and practice, and include practical Notes for improved drafting and negotiating.



Checklists, Timelines and Flowcharts

Practical Law’s checklists, timelines and flowcharts reflect current law and practice and help attorneys mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and ensure they have satisfied all requirements.


California-Specific Content:

Practical Law offers California-specific content in the areas of: Commercial Transactions, Corporate and M&A, Estate Planning, Labor & Employment, Litigation, and Real Estate.


To access Practical Law:

1. Click the “Practical Law” hyperlink on the Westlaw homepage.


2. To access content, select the Practice Areas, Resource Types, or Jurisdictions tab.

access content.png

The Recorder – Available On ACLL Public Computers

Digital only edition – The Recorder

The Recorder – historically one of California’s premier legal newspapers – has gone digital-only.  The print version is no longer available. (Sigh.  Vinyl records are making a comeback but paper publications are an endangered species.)

Alameda County Law Library has a subscription available for your use in the library on our public computers.  Stop by the Reference Desk to ask a staff member to sign you in to our account.

Legal public notices

In addition to legal industry news and discussion of new law and legislation, legal newspapers, such as The Recorder or Daily Journal, are viewed as sources for listings for notices required under state law and court rules.  Examples of notices required under the law include the areas of claims of forfeiture, probate, fictitious business names, and court service by publication.

The Recorder has a separate section for searching and reading legal public notices.  Once you have access to the online subscription, look to the left for the Sections icon, click for the list, select Classified & Public Notices, then select Browse Public Notices.

Interesting how the concept of “public” notices has changed in the Internet Age.  Current California law, California Government Code 6040.5, was written in the 1940s.

As used in any law of this State providing for any publication, or notice by publication, or official advertising, “daily newspaper” means a newspaper of general circulation that is published on five or more days in a calendar week, and “weekly newspaper” includes any newspaper of general circulation that is published on at least one, but less than five, days in a calendar week.

Any provision in any such law for publication in a weekly newspaper shall be deemed complied with if publication is made once a week for the period specified in a weekly newspaper as defined in this section.

Hmmm… might be time for legislators to consider updating the statutory language for what constitutes “publication” in this century.  But then, some of us have still have shelves in our house full of vinyl.