End Of The Session – California Legislative Information

End of the session

The California Legislature is wrapping up its current legislative session.  Bills have been sent to the Governor to await his signature.  A number of these bills involve contentious topics in our society and have made the national news.  California has moved into the vanguard for issues involving the legal status of workers in the gig economy and athletes in the billion-dollar school sports organization complexes.  Also awaiting final action are bills amending the laws on state rent control and automatic expungement of certain criminal records.

It seems to be a good time of the year to discuss the most comprehensive source of California legislative bill tracking.  The state site, California Legislative Information, also referred to as LegInfo, is a free, public site providing a wealth of information including a bill’s versions, votes, history, and official bill analysis.   Searching capabilities include bill number search and text search.  The site also has a bill tracking function.  Coverage goes back to the 1999 – 2000 legislative session.

The site also contains under the tab, California Law, current text of all California Code titles including the California Constitution.  Searching can be done by section number and text search.

The Alameda County Law Library has other resources for California legislative research.  Westlaw has files for current session enacted legislation and files for historical enacted legislation back to 1987.  Lexis has California full text bills back to 1991.  ACLL also has a selection of California legislative history materials in a number of formats.  An ACLL professional legal reference librarian can help you identify and locate resources.

Here is a selection of recent articles on new California bills making the news:

New Bill Clears Path for Freelance Attorney Independent Contractor StatusThe Recorder, 9/11/19. (AB 5)

“Bill to Help Scrub Records of Low-level Offenders Hits Newsom’s Desk.” Courthouse News Service. 9/10/19. (AB 1076)

California Lawmakers Vote to Undo N.C.A.A, Amateurism.” The New York Times 9/11/19.  Bill was introduced by Alameda County State Senator Nancy Skinner.  Article contains interview with her. (SB 206)

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