Grey Is The New Red.  Lexis Has A New Look.

Grey is the new red.  Lexis has a new look.

When using Lexis Advance at ACLL on one of our public computers, you might notice that the Lexis home screen has a new look.

Changes include:

  • No more Big Red Box, instead, small subtle grey boxes.  On the Lexis Home page, you will find one box for entering search terms, next to another for selecting a category of resource, and a final box that allows you to limit your search by jurisdiction.  Move down the line and click on the magnifying glass icon to start your search.
  • In the first box, experienced searchers can type a quick search.  One such search – “shep: [citation]” – allows you to quickly and easily Shepardize a case or code section.
  • The Advance Search screen is still available by clicking the More Options button.  Advance Search provides fields to guide you in building your search statement.
  • Because the ACLL Lexis subscription is a shared subscription, you will not be able to save your personal preferences.

If you need help, the ACLL law librarians are here to assist you.

Basic black letter law always available.

As always, codes and cases are available.  Lexis is an official publisher for a number of important California legal sources including appellate case reporters.

ACLL’s subscription does not include access to all Lexis files, but we do have many useful, searchable resources beyond cases and codes — including California practice guides and California administrative agency decisions.  Lexis covers many state agency publications.  Here is a listing:

  • Insurance Bulletins & Notice
  • WCAB Noteworthy Panel Decisions
  • Board of Equalization Opinions
  • Department of Corporations Decisions
  • Div. Labor Standards Enf. Policies & Interp. Manual
  • Fair Employment & Housing Commission
  • Franchise Tax Board Chief Counsel Rulings
  • Franchise Tax Board Decisions
  • Franchise Tax Board Information Letters
  • Franchise Tax Board Technical Advice Memorandums
  • State Bar Court Decision
  • State Campaign Finance Receipts
  • State Water Resources Control Board
  • Agricultural Labor Relations Board
  • Alcohol Beverage Control Appeals Board
  • Department of Financial Institutions Releases
  • Department of Toxic Substances Control
  • Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Opinion Letters
  • Market Conduct Examinations
  • Public Employment Relations Board
  • State Bar Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct
  • State Personnel Board of the State of California

Check for years of coverage for the individual files.

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