Changes On The California Judicial Branch’s Website

The California Judicial Branch has been making improvements to their website.  The site’s layout has been changed to place the links to the most popular research resources in easy reach of each other.  The Judicial Branch Home page now has direct links to user-friendly Legal Resources & Information, as well as, California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal case search links.

Court forms with help for self-represented litigants

A tab bar appears across the top of all screens now.  Tabs for the courts’ Forms and Self-Help links are next to each other, convenient to toggle back and forth – especially for self-represented parties researching rules, procedural steps, and the preprinted forms provided by the courts.

Self-Help topics provide information on many topics of interest to self-represented parties – providing guidance on legal issues, legal referrals, and trial court procedures for cases involving personal/family relationships, housing, Small Claims, and more.

Appellate court opinions

On the current tab bar, the site’s user can now directly link to the official California appellate court opinions.  Published/Citable and Unpublished/Non-citable are categorized separately.  This a good place to locate very recent opinions from appellate courts including the limited number of opinions from the Appellate Divisions of the Superior Courts that have been selected for publication.

Most interesting change

Appearing now, on the Published Opinions page, is a link to a wonderful free source for searching and retrieving California appellate cases  Official Reports Opinions (Searchable 1850-Present)  The California Official Reports Public Access Website link will take a researcher to the site provided by LexisNexis.

This resource has been around for a number of years, known to professionals who bookmarked the then-unpublicized URL.


Look for the flag icons on the court’s information screens.  Clicking on the icon will present information in Spanish.  Click again to revert to English. 


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