Alameda County – Adding Or Changing Names On Deeds

Alameda County Law Library has a new research guide to steer you through the process of making changes in ownership for property located in Alameda County, CA.

Click on map for viewing

This guide provides general information only. It outlines the issues an owner needs to consider so that any change made will have the desired results.  It summarizes the steps needed and agencies involved to complete this legal process.

If you are unsure how to proceed for your situation and, especially if attempting a more complicated change, such as distribution property from a trust to beneficiaries, you may wish to consult an attorney.  Only an attorney licensed by the California State Bar can provide you with legal advice.

The guide will:

  • Introduce you to the basic language and types of documents used in these legal transactions.
  • Provide location information for Alameda County government offices involved in the tracking of real estate ownership.

This guide is available in two forms.

1) as a website on the internet

2) as a Word document –recording_deeds_in_AC

Another great library source on California deeds for non-attorneys is Nolo’s Deeds for California Real Estate by Mary Randolph.  This title is available at ACLL (Self-Help KFC/170/R36/2010).  The title is also available online through the ACLL’s web pages.  Law library staff can help you locate this excellent resource.  Or, click on EBSCO Legal Information Reference Center to connect to this database in Alameda County.  It is also available from the public computers’ menu in the Library.  For information on how to use the this database, click here.


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