California Forms of Pleading & Practice – Using Lexis Advance To Search Online

The Alameda County Law Library currently subscribes to the online version of California Forms of Pleading and Practice – Annotated (CA FP&P), a comprehensive resource with wide coverage for California legal procedure.  This title provides the researcher with guidance for all types of civil actions.  The digital version is available through the Lexis Advance database on the ACLL public access computers.  It is an excellent place to begin any California legal research project.

Restricting Your Search on Lexis Advance to the title California Forms of Pleading & Practice at ACLL

  • Access the Lexis Advance Home screen. It is the opening screen with the “Big Red Box” across the top of the screen. Image is below
  • In the box, begin typing the title “California Forms of Pleading and Practice”

  • Look at drop down menu that automatically appears below the box as you type.
  • Click on the name of the title “California Forms of Pleading & Practice”

NOTE: ACLL’s only Secondary Source full text subscription is to CA FP&P.  Other links are not active.

  • Lexis Advance will add the CFP&P as the source file in the box on the right end within the Big Red Box.  Your search universe has now been narrowed to only CA FP&P.

 NOTE: Lexis Advance has a separate file for “Forms from California Forms of Pleading & Practice.”  Be careful which file you select from the drop down menu selection under the Big Red Box or you will may limit your search results in a way you do not wish.  Or – by selecting only the Forms file, you can better limit your search results.

The researcher can now proceed with steps as with any Lexis search.  Results will only include references to CA FP&P.

Another way to restrict searches to CA FP&P

You can also restrict your Lexis Advance searching to CA FP&P by working through a series of the screens to select the title.

Starting on the Lexis Advance Home page:

  • Select “Secondary Materials” link
  • On the next screen that appears, select “California” from the list under “State”
  • On the screen displaying the Lexis California treatises, select “California Forms of Pleading and Practice – Annotated”

  • This method places the researcher on the Advance Search page.


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