New To CEB And New To ACLL – Real Property Ownership & Taxation

CEB has published a new title  – Real Property Ownership & Taxation.  It is now available at the Alameda County Law Library in paper and digital form through the OnLAW database.

ACLL, due to a severe decrease in our revenue stream, is not able to buy many new paper titles these days.  The decision was made to get this one in both formats as it deals with the types of California real property issues many of our patrons – lawyer and pro se – come to our library to research.

This desktop reference is for common questions and issues involving commercial and residential real property ownership.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Forms of ownership: how to take title to property
  • Property taxation and assessment during a transfer or sale
  • Income taxation of property sales, transfers, and exchanges
  • Estate planning considerations, including estate and gift taxation
  • Highlights of escrow and recordation of property transfers
  • Insuring title to property
  • Insuring property interests against loss and damage
  • Lis pendens
  • Homesteads
  • How to appeal a tax assessment
  • Bankruptcy impact on title and sales
  • Impact of death on ownership and transfer of property

The chapter on California homestead law provides a detailed discussion of the legal issues of this area of real property law –  one for which a resource can be difficult to find.

CEB Partner Program

Just a reminder – you can support the goals of the ACLL by participating in the CEB partner program when you place a new order for CEB products. Use CEB priority code9629Awhen you place an order with Continuing Education of the Bar.  ACLL will receive a credit on a future invoice.


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