Counter To Courtroom – Court Procedures Outlined – Resources From The Judicial Council Of California

Counter to Courtroom

Trying to familiarize yourself with procedures used by the California Superior courts?  The Judicial Council of California has a selection of materials used for court staff training available on their web site.  The documents cover, in separate titles, procedures relating to case matters for civil, criminal, probate, traffic, family and juvenile proceedings.

The titles, identifiable by a subtitle – Counter to Courtroom, are selections from the Council’s Court Clerk Training Institute reference materials.  These items are close to being textbooks for the procedures for the California courts – giving an insider’s view to forms and procedures, even going beyond the detailed information that can be found in Nolo titles or a title, such as, Litigation by the Numbers.

The information is practical, not discussing legal theories, but the procedural steps that are required at different points of California court litigation.  The information is provided in summary outline form.  California Code and Rules of Court citations are provided for reference.

The materials also include:

  • flowcharts of court procedures
  • a glossary of legal terms used in court procedures
  • discussion and examples of Judicial Council forms
  • checklists for use by court staffers
  • charts summarizing types of filings, example – motions and their purposes – “Motions” in Civil Procedures: Counter to Courtroom, page 32traffic-infractions-flowchart-clerk-training-institute

Alameda County Law Library has added print versions to the collection.  The volumes are currently on the New Titles cart.

You can also find PDF versions using the URLS listed below next to the title.

The Court Clerk Training Institute

Remember that individual courts may have adopted their own local procedures.  Check with the clerks of the court for confirmation.


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