Mario Alfaro – Art Exhibit – ACLL Hayward

Mario Alfaro – Artist

Painter and muralist – Mario Alfaro – is displaying his paintings at the Hayward branch of the Alameda County Law Library.  The exhibit will run through March 24, 2017.  This show has been arranged in cooperation with the Hayward Arts Council

Artist’s bio –

Born in El Salvador, Alfaro revealed his artistic talent at an early age.  His childhood was one filled with sights and memories of war and natural disasters.  Born in a country at a time of unrest, he looked to art to fulfill his longing for a world full of color and expression.  His father was in the military and did not condone his artistic pursuits, but Alfaro would not be discouraged.  He left home for the capital, San Salvador, at the age of sixteen to study drawing and color at Centro Nacional De Artes Center at the Universidad Technologica.  Since then, Alfaro has taken part in art expositions, receiving honorable mentions, as well as, prizes for his painting.

Statement from the artist –

Art for me is an alternative to the hardness of life.  I paint to put color on nature and I believe that one must have a passionate consideration of art.  It is as important as ethics, as contemplation, or, as action.  Life is not a bundle of firewood to be carried, but rather it is a bundle of things and truths sprouting whenever a person wants to give it form.  Whenever I begin a painting, I feel that my impulses vary and I see many things in nature and real life… soon the painting surges like a dream which sometimes clarifies and sometimes disappears.  I always try to catch and return it to reality within my paintings.

For more information about the artist and his work contact – Yvette Tipton, 510-472-6596,

ACLL Hayward is located at Room 162, 224 W. Winton Avenue,  Hayward, CA 94544.  Hours to view Alfaro’s work are Monday – Friday 8:30 to 5:00.


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