Client Confidential Around The Courthouse – Choose Conference Rooms at ACLL

Confidential client conversationsconference

From a recent ruling out of the Northern District of California:

“As an aside,” US District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton wrote, “it has been the court’s observation that conversations near the courthouse entrance are frequently overheard by unintended and unseen listeners, even from inside the courthouse.” (US v. Marr, Case No. 14-cr-00580-PJH, Pretrial Order No. 3, p. 11)

Conference Room 7Courthouse stairways are no place to have client meetings.  Where can parties meet?  The Alameda County Law Library.

Convenient to both the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland and the Hayward Hall of Justice, ACLL has conference rooms available for hourly rentals at reasonable rates.  You can reserve ahead but we also are happy to accommodate walk-ins, if we can.

Here is a link to our web page with FAQs, photos, and other information for both locations – Info here.

For Reservation & Rental Information, please call 510-272-6483 or E-mail Us.

Or view our brochure – 2014_0821_ConferenceRoom


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