Art Exhibit ~ TRANSCENDING EAST AND WEST ~ July 1 to August 25, 2016


Charlotte Wong & Deanna Yang ~ Mother and Daughter Artists

July 1 to August 25, 2016 ~ Alameda County Law Library Oakland

Charlotte Wong began her study of Chinese calligraphy with her father at the age of five.  Her father was a disciple chosen by the family of Master Tong-He Weng.  Master Weng was the Chinese Emperor’s teacher during the Qing Dynasty.  Wong’s father trained her in the traditional methods of writing calligraphy.  Under various masters, she also studied Chinese art.

tiger_image_transcending_east_westAfter she graduated from the School of Law, Soochow University, Wong attended the Graduate Institute of Law, National Taiwan University.  She continued her academic studies at the University of Hawaii in the graduate sociology program.  Wong later attended Harvard Law School where she received a higher law degree.  After she finished her legal education, Wong resumed her studies in sociology, earning a PhD from the University of Wisconsin (Madison).

Wong became a professor at the University of Pittsburgh.  She was awarded a Fulbright professorship to teach at National Taiwan University and Soochow University. She was also a Researcher at Academia Sinica in Taiwan.  After her return to the United States, Wong accepted a professorship at California State University, San Jose where she was eventually awarded the rank of Professor Emeritus.  While teaching, she also obtained licenses to practice law in both New York and California.

For her entire life, though being active in the areas of law and sociology, she continued her interest in calligraphy and painting. She applies Western painting techniques to her Chinese artwork. She also combines the impressionistic style with realism in her paintings.  Her works of art have been displayed in numerous art exhibits. She is a member of the Chinese Arts Association of San Francisco.  She is currently a board member of the American Chinese Art Association.

Deanna Yang

Deanna Yang is an American-born, second generation Chinese, fluent in Mandarin Chinese, who is very proud of her heritage.  She began studying Chinese calligraphy and painting at a young age.

Yang attended Chinese high school in Taiwan for two years during the time her mother, Charlotte Wong, taught as a visiting professor in the country.  Yang attended the University of Pittsburgh and the State University of New York at Stony Brook.  Studying law at the University of Pittsburgh and Santa Clara University, she earned a JD degree.   These days, she is concentrating her attention in the field of financial investing and trading.

Through the years, Yang continued her interest in Chinese art, studying with her mother and various Chinese masters.  She has participated in many art exhibits. Currently, she is a member of the American Chinese Art Association. She would like to create a bridge between Chinese and Western cultures.

Alameda County Law Library ~ Hours and Location

The works by Wong and Yang may be viewed during normal library hours.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 ~ 6:00
  • Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 ~ 9:00

The Alameda County Law Library, Oakland is located at 125 12th Street, 1st floor.

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