Out Of The Mouths Of Mothers

Out of the mouths of mothers

Doris Roberts AKA ubermom, Marie Barone
  • “Don’t make me come in there!”
  • “A puppy brings with it a great deal of responsibility.”
  • “Are you hungry, Dear?”
  • “No, no.  I’m no colder than I was at your sister’s house last week.”
  • “Stop that. Now. It would be embarrassing to explain to the Emergency Room doctors what exactly you were doing when you got hurt.”
  • “You know what I would like for Mother’s Day?  Something nice from Amazon.  You could make a donation to the Alameda County Law Library at the same time.  Do it as a favor for me.  I would be so proud.  Not that I’m not always proud of you.”

arrangement in grey and blackOK, the last one was fabricated to direct your attention to a great opportunity to do something nice for your mom and the Alameda County Law Library —  participate in AmazonSmile’s Mother’s Day program.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8.  (But you remembered that, right?)  Shop, using this link – smile.amazon.com – and Amazon will donate a percentage of the value of the purchase to Alameda County Law Library.  These funds help ACLL provide access to information required for local citizens’ participation in the legal system, resolving legal disputes, engaging in commerce, and tending to personal affairs and academic projects.

You’re busy, we know.  But it only takes a few clicks to help us labor for access to justice.  Your mother labored with you.  How long was that again?



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