On The Steps Of The Rene C. Davidson Courthouse – Recordings Of Foreclosure Auctions – US v. Marr

Alameda County courthouse recordings are the target of defense attorneys’ motion to suppress filed recently in a federal criminal matter involving real estate professionals facing antitrust charges for allegedly conspiring to manipulate public auctions of foreclosures.

Recording devices were placed by government personnel outside a number of Bay Area courthouses including the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse.  Foreclosure auctions are held outside that courthouse_rene_c_davidson_image_frontcourthouse on the terraced steps of the original formal entrance to the courthouse.  The area, overlooking Lake Merritt, is not only used for public auctions but as a lunch and meeting area for workers in the area.

The defense argues that the defendants had a reasonable expectation of privacy for their conversations outside the courthouses.

A copy of the motion to suppress (“DEFENDANTS’ MOTION TO SUPPRESS VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDINGS MADE IN VIOLATION OF THE FOURTH AMENDMENT AND ALL EVIDENCE DERIVED THEREFROM, AND REQUEST FOR EVIDENTIARY HEARING TO DETERMINE TAINT”) filed on March 23, 2016 in US v. Marr, 14-00580, by defense attorneys can be read here – us_v_marr motiontosuppress03232016

The Recorder article by Ross Todd from March 24, 2016 issue entitled “Defense: Feds Bugged Alameda, Contra Costa Courthouses” is available at the Alameda County Law Library in the paper version and on-line by subscription.

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