Accessing OnLAW On Your Laptop At The Alameda County Law Library


Accessing CEB’s OnLAW on your laptop at the Alameda County Law Library

From Emily Bergfeld, Reference Librarian at ACLL

Note: You must bring your laptop to the Oakland Main Library or the Hayward Branch Library to access OnLAW through the library’s wireless network.

  1. Connect to the library’s wireless network.  [LAW_LIBRARY_WIFI]  There is no password.
  2. Go to the library’s “Legal Databases” page:
  3. Scroll down to OnLAW in the alphabetized list of library databases.  onlaw_database_description
  4. Click on hyperlinked URL to open OnLAW:
  5.         OnLAW will open in your Internet browser.   (Firefox works well.)


6.         Access specific CEB titles, chapters, sections, and forms through the expandable directory on the left-hand side of the screen.


7.         Or you can search using keywords for cases, code sections, or forms/templates.onlaw_searchscreen

8.        When you use your laptop to access OnLAW, you can save selected search results directly to your device’s folders.  OnLAW does not allow for email delivery of material as Lexis or WLN does.


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