Assistance With Business Tax And Rent Adjustment Renewal Forms – Oakland Senior Center

oakland_logo_imageAssistance with business tax and rent adjustment renewal forms at Oakland’s Senior Center – January 22 & February 1st, 17th, 2016

To better serve the community, the City of Oakland Revenue Division has developed a new program for seniors, local business owners, and rental property owners.  As part of this program, people will be able to obtain assistance with completing and submitting their business tax and rent adjustment renewal forms.

The staff members will be coming to Oakland’s Senior Centers beginning this month.


Dates include:

  • January 22nd
  • February 1st
  • February 17

Hours for the program at the Downtown Oakland Senior Center will be 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.  The Downtown Oakland Senior Center is located at 200 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA.

Bring your annual Business Tax Declaration for your business or rental property along with your Rent Adjustment form.  The staff will assist you with completing your declarations and will receive your payment.  Forms can be provided, if you do not have them.

Payments can be made using a check, credit card or debit card (that can be used as a credit card.)  NO CASH, PLEASE.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Oakland Business Tax Office at 510-238-3704.

The office is located at:

250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Suite 1320
Oakland, CA 94612



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