CEB Passport – Manage Firm MCLE Costs & Benefit ACLL

ceb_logo_2 CEB Passport – Manage firm MCLE costs and benefit ACLL

January is the time of year when MCLE becomes a topic of concern for roughly one-third of the attorneys who practice in California.  The weeks that run up to the deadline to meet the State Bar’s continuing education requirements – February 1st –  bring a flurry of activity here at ACLL – use of the MCLE materials or attendance at programs for MCLE credit.  This year, it is Compliance Group A-G’s turn.  While this segment of California attorneys are focusing on meeting the requirements, law firm administrators are focused on the costs to firms for this budget category.  California Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) offers – CEB CLE Passports – on-line subscriptions to help monitor and manage these annual professional expenses.

Are you someone who believes in CA county law libraries?  Do you know a law firm partner or manager who is looking to manage MCLE expenses?  You can do ACLL a great benefit by spreading the word about CEB’s program that donates a percentage of the subscription costs to your local California public law library when a CEB fundraising code is provided at time of purchase of a title. This program includes new subscriptions to CEB on-line and paper subscriptions.

Use ACLL’s CEB priority code


when you place an order with CEB for new titles including a new subscription to CEB CLE Passports subscription.  A flyer with the information about CEB’s program including ranges of possible cost savings is at the end of this post.

Please support the goals of the Alameda County Law Library as it continues to envision a future in which all people have effective access to justice. To bring about this vision, we provide access to information required for participation in the legal system, resolving legal disputes, engaging in commerce, and tending to personal affairs and academic projects.

Thank you for your help!


cebpassportsub_infoMore information about the CEB program can be found at:


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