New 2016 California Legislation – A Listicle


Listings and links for new 2016 CA laws from the Rocklin & Roseville News

  • Available using the sixteen (and counting) links – HERE
  • “New California Laws for 2016”

“Most important” new laws according to KQED –

  • “The Most Important New California Laws of 2016” – HERE

California court-related new legislation from the California Judicial Council –

  • “Summary of Court-Related Legislation” from Government Affairs – HERE

A selective list of new laws from The Sacramento Bee –

  • “New California Laws 2016: What To Expect in the New Year” – HERE

A list for litigators from CEB –

  • “New Year, New Laws for Litigators” – HERE

A list of new laws that will impact California drivers (and other folks who want to roll) from the San Jose Mercury News

  • “California Drivers Can Expect a Slew of New Laws in 2016” – HERE

Employment law – new California legislation reviewed by the firm of Davis Wright Tremaine –

  • “California Employment Law Update: What’s New for 2016?” – HERE

Or go direct to the source –

  • California Legislative Information, search “Session Year 2015 – 2016” HERE
  • You will need to check the effective date for each individual law

Legislative Information header image: click to go to the home page

and not to forget –

Federal legislative activity in 2015 (yes, there was some) summary from the firm of Greenberg Traurig –

  • “Federal Legislative Year in Review 2015” – HERE


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