Traffic Tickets / Infractions Amnesty Program – Alameda County Superior Court

Traffic Tickets Amnesty Program – Alameda County – Starts October 1, 2015

Information sheet from Alameda County Superior Court’s website (with link to county form) HERE rcd_courthouse_OMuseumside

The following is some general information about the program —

WHEN?    One-time opportunity – beginning October 1, 2015, ending March 31, 2017

• Court order debt can be reduced by a significant discount, depends on income.
• Opportunity to get your driver’s license back.

WHO?    You may qualify to have your old, unpaid traffic fines and some state infractions — adult or juvenile — reduced by 50% or 80% if you meet the following guidelines:

IF —
1. The fine and any related fees were due before January 1, 2013;
2. You do not have any outstanding misdemeanor or felony warrants in Alameda County;
3. You do not owe victim restitution on any case in Alameda County; and
4. You have not made any payments on your tickets since September 30, 2015.

The benefits of paying your traffic tickets through the Traffic Amnesty program include:

• Any Civil Assessments ($300 charge added for Failure to Appear and/or Failure to Pay) will be eliminated.

• If your driver’s license was suspended due to unpaid tickets, the suspension will be removed and you will be eligible to have your license reinstated.

50% Reduction – Most people will be eligible for a 50% reduction of fines and fees.
80% Reduction – If you receive public assistance or are very low income, you may qualify for an 80% reduction.
If you have made payments on your tickets since June 24, 2015, you may still be eligible to have your driver’s license reinstated, although the amount of your fine will not be reduced.

• You will have to pay a $50 fee for participation in the Traffic Amnesty Program.
• The Department of Motor Vehicles will charge a $55 fee to get your license reinstated.

NOT ELIGIBLE: NO DUIs NO reckless driving citations NO parking tickets

Information sheet with steps of how to be considered for this program is HERE.



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