September Is National Library Card Sign-Up Month

September is National Library Card Sign-up Month.  It’s true.  The American Library Association’s website told me so.Customizable_Joe_Cool_PSA-800cropped

In honor of NLCSUM, below is information on the availability and use of Alameda County Law Library library cards.

Circulation Policy – Generally.

First things, first –  NOT ALL MATERIALS CIRCULATE.  It is a collection staff call because many titles are expensive and/or irreplaceable.  (But see Footnote 1 “Membership.” We are legal industry information specialists. We know all about legal footnotes.)  Items such as the older CEB practice guides and the legal practice management titles do circulate. Titles that circulate have date return slips fixed in the front of the title.

Those items that do circulate, do so for for seven days. (But see, once again, Footnote 1 detailing ACLL Memberships.)

Alameda County Law Library circulation policy furthers the mission and vision of the law library by permitting qualified individuals to become registered borrowers and to borrow materials from the law library pursuant to the book borrower rules set forth below.

Library cards are issued to “qualified individuals.”

There are four categories of qualified individuals, including:

  1. An attorney licensed to practice law and in good standing.
  2. An adult resident of Alameda County. Proof of Alameda County RESIDENCE will be required at time of registration.  Examples include –  current government-issued ID or utility bill showing individual’s name and an Alameda County address.
  3. A judge with chambers or an office in Alameda County or a retired judge residing in Alameda County.
  4. An elected or appointed federal, state, county or city public official with an office in Alameda County.

Registration Requirements

Everyone must:

  • Complete the registration form (name, address, phone #, an email address to send overdue reminders).
  • Present a photo ID
  • Purchase a library card.  $5 for the first library card.

FN 1 – Membership Fees –  Other Membership categories that allow a borrower special benefits.

Additional benefits for larger annual membership fees

Attorneys and Alameda county residents receive additional benefits by becoming a library member:

$50 The ability to renew books for another circulation period provided the item doesn’t have a hold placed on it.
$75 The above plus (a) the ability to check out non-circulating books within the last hour the library is open provided they return them within the first hour the library is open (The late penalty is five dollars per hour.)  (b) a 25% discount on copying and printing (the copying requires a Copy Card).
$100 The above plus a 10% discount on MCLE programs.
$125 All the above plus a 10% discount on conference room rentals.



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Pssst -Thanks for reading this entire blog post.  As your reward for being a detailed oriented, read-the-entire-document-before-signing type of person, I will confess something to you.  I did not first read about NLCSUM on ALA’s website.  None of the law libraries blogs or websites mentioned it.  My daughter told be about it.  She saw it on RuPaul’s Drag Race’s blog. (For mature audiences only.) Thanks, RuPaul, for spreading the word on the value of public libraries into the less traditional public library cultural spheres.  (nfm)





One thought on “September Is National Library Card Sign-Up Month

  1. nice post. an additional benefit of a library card: no need to get a slip to use the computers.


    Mark E. Estes, Law Library Director Alameda County Law Library 125 Twelfth Street Oakland, CA 94607 510 272 6481 office 510 208 4823 fax 510 735 7115 cell


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