Dig Into New WLN Digital Resources At ACLL


Moving to digital – Thompson Reuters titles on WLN

Here at the Alameda County Law Library, the move is on to digital legal research resources.  Many titles published by Thompson Reuters are now easy to access using WestlawNext (WLN).  The paper version of these titles will remain on the shelf, but, going forward up-to date information will only be available by using WLN.  In addition to previously held titles, the current WLN subscription also provides access to additional Thompson Reuters  — titles ThompsonReuters_logoto which ACLL did not previously subscribe.  These include titles in developing areas of law, such as,  Advising e-Businesses, as well as, the standard,  Restatement of the Law (Second) and (First.) Both are now available on-line in full-text. 

But, but –  I love using the books!

Many agree with you.  It is the precipitous drop over the past few years in ACLL’s (and all California county law libraries’) main source of revenue — civil court filing fees– that requires budget planning and strategizing to provide cost-effective access to most patrons.  The resulthdr_illust_myAccount is changes to the collection.  ACLL is relying on WLN as the central resource for any Thompson Reuters titles except for a few basic California law titles.  On the plus side, the current subscription expands the downloading and delivery options for many titles.   You can email sections of the publications available on WLN in Word or PDF formats in addition to downloading to USB Flash drives.

Access – ACLL public computers or your device

WLN is available on ACLL’s public access terminals or by using your own mobile device at the library’s locations.  Access to WLN on our wifi is reached through the link on ACLL’s database page.  At the bottom of the page is the section with information and the in-library link to WLN.  It reads:


WestlawNext includes cases, statutes and regulations for all 50 states and the US federal cases and statutes; American Law Reports, American Jurisprudence and California Jurisprudence legal encyclopedias; California Litigation and Transactions Forms as well as all Rutter Group titles. KeyCite, a citation checking tool, is also available. Many West and Rutter print materials are now available on WestlawNext to replace print copies that the library has canceled. Jury Verdicts & Settlements replaces the Law Library’s subscription to VerdictSearch.

These links work only inside the law library from your laptop:

WestlawNext Patron Access Subscription Content Link for Main Account:

West e-Learning Center Training Resource Link from your laptop:

How can I find which individual titles are actually available at ACLL?

Not all titles that Thomson Reuters offers through WLN are available to ACLL patrons.  To find if the title is part of ACLL’s current subscription, you can search the  on-line catalog.

Here are the steps:

  • Access the ACLL catalog
  • WLN_title_search_catalog_2
  • At the bottom right under “Browse By Call number,  enter “Westlawnext” in the Call number field. Click Enter on your keyboard.
  • A results screen appears with 1177 entries listed.  These are all the titles available on WLN at ACLL.
  • WLN_title_search_catalog_4
  • You can now search for a specific title or topic by entering a keyword in the Search field box that appears above the list.  Click Enter. The image below shows a search for the keywords “legal malpractice.”  One record was found.
  • WLN_title_search_catalog_5
  • To view the full record, move your cursor over the Title and double-left-click. The entry is highlighted.
  • WLN_title_search_catalog_6
  • Click Enter
  • Review the results for your title
  • WLN_title_search_catalog_7


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