Hayward Arts Council has a new exhibit

There is another art show at the Alameda County Law Library.  The ACLL South County Branch, 224 West Winton Avenue, Hayward is thrilled to announce the exhibition of work of a new artist: Castro Valley’s Carol Jones Brown.  The Hayward Arts Council is sponsoring the installation of art work at the branch and Brown is a member.

Carol Jones Brown

Saying Brown’s work is vibrant is an understatement.  Colors dance.  Hues jitter.  Her paintings enliven and energize.  She has said in past interviews that she doesn’t “try for a particular image, such as a seascape or a floral.  Now I strive to create something that is rich in color, fun and exciting—a surprise for me and those who view my art.  Recently, I have been attacking my empty canvases with globs of brilliantly hued acrylic paint, dancing my brushes around the canvas for a challenging start.”Dancers

Brown’s work has been exhibited around the world, in Japan and Europe as well as at galleries around the United States.  Her  evolution as an artist began with working with oils and doing what she  calls “representational” work of landscapes and florals to working with acrylic and manipulating the medium with her brush in the empty canvas an seeing what happens.

Brown has taught at Adobe Art Center in Castro Valley and at the Hayward Adult School for over 30 years and is represented by Expressions Gallery on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley.Rocket's Red Glare  She does not have her own website so do come in to the library to view her work.

The South County branch had an additional treat on Friday, June 19th.  Accompanied by Hayward Arts Council Curator Winnie Thompson and her husband, Gerry, was none other than Cosette Sun, former Library Director of the Alameda County Law Library.  They came by to see the Brown’s work and the new Hayward “gallery.”

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