Support For County Law Libraries – Let Your State Legislator Hear!

A number of our wonderful patrons have offered to send letters of support for California County Law Libraries up to Sacramento.  Some have requested an electronic sample to help them get started with the process.  If you would like to help us by sending a letter, you can access the sample Word document here –2015_sample_letter_legislator_rev.

There is also a link in the sample to help you identify your state representative.

Thank you.

  •  County Law Libraries provide access to justice by assisting self-represented litigants.
  •  County Law Libraries are an essential component of the justice system, reducing stress on the overburdened court system.
  •  County Law Libraries ‘level the playing field’ by making expensive legal resources available to all, regardless of income.
  •  County Law Libraries make information technology available to all.
  •  County Law Libraries assist tens of thousands California residents every year.
  •  County Law Libraries promote economic recovery by helping small business, assisting individuals with workforce re-entry, and speeding resolution of disputes.
Programs and Services

Reference Assistance: The Law Library provides reference and research assistance at the reference desk, by phone, mail and email. These services are available at no charge to attorneys, legal professionals, students and the general public.

Support Services: The Law Library makes available free public computers and Wi-Fi, plus copiers, printers, typewriters, office supplies, document delivery and e-delivery for a small fee.

Classes and Programs: The reference staff teaches legal research classes to the public including classes on Lexis, WestlawNext, research using print sources, utilizing free legal internet sites, locating forms, and many more. The Law Library, supported by many partners within the legal community, also provides law-related informational and clinical classes and workshops for its diverse patron groups on many subjects.

Library Usage

The Law Library is open to all members of the public. During Fiscal Year 2013-14, the Law Library Reference staff fielded more than 15,000 requests for information from a diverse group of users that includes self-represented litigants, attorneys, paralegals, judges, students and the general public. In addition, thousands of patrons used the Library’s legal resources on their own.  The Law Library’s website received over 140,000 visits.

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