National Library Week – Not Fun Funding


We’ll take a reliable source of funding to-go, please.  Hold the chocolate and tea.

Over the last few years, California’s county law libraries budgets have been battered — caught between the rising tide of ever-increasing subscription costs of legal research materials and the crumbling supports of the number of court filings.  Why court filings you say?  Because a percentage of those filing fees is the primary source of funding for county law libraries in California.

California Business and Professions Code §§ 6320 – 6326 established the funding of county law libraries through a portion of civil filing fees and set out the amount distributed to each. Thus, libraries are supported by civil litigants, their primary users, and not by state and local taxes.

Libraries have been forced to manage expenses by reducing resources and staff, seriously undercutting our mission.  If not addressed soon, the issue of funding will cause services to dwindle further, and some libraries or branches will be forced to close.

The county law library administrators are reaching out to Sacramento for help.  Please help us communicate the urgency of our situation to the state legislature by adding your name to a petition found at our Reference Desk that will be delivered to CA State Senator Loni Hancock.  Senator Hancock represents many Alameda County communities and is a member of the CA State Senate’s Standing Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review.

The petition can be signed using this link.

Thank you to our patrons who have already taken a moment to sign the petition as well as providing kind words of support for the Alameda County Law Library.


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