Fee Waivers Involving Guardians Conservators and Petitioners For Their Appointment

 Judicial Council of California

Invitation to Comment: Fee Waivers

Legislation effective on January 1, 2015, has changed the law governing court fee waivers involving guardians, conservators, and petitioners for their appointment. The new law clarifies that the fee waiver in such matters is in favor of the (proposed) ward or conservatee and must be based solely on his or her financial condition, but requires the fiduciary or the petitioner for the fiduciary’s appointment, or both, to participate in all court proceedings and to respond to all court orders concerning the waiver.

To implement this new law, the committee is proposing a new rule of court regarding fee waivers in guardianships and conservatorship proceedings and new versions of Judicial Council fee waiver forms for use by probate guardians and conservators, and by petitioners for their appointment. The rule would also address fee waivers in decedent estate proceedings.

Court fee waivers in decedent estates, guardianships, and conservatorships and for wards and conservatees participating in civil actions

Deadline for Comments: April 23, 2015 5:00 PM (Pacific)
Submit Comment Online or by email: invitations@jud.ca.gov


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