Making Yourself Stand Out From the Crowd with Personal Branding

5110765_bigFor any attorney, whether a member of a firm or a sole practitioner, making a good impression is very important. It’s how you sell yourself to potential clients.
In her new book, Personal Branding in One Hour for Lawyers, former attorney and now founder and CEO of a personal branding company, Katy Goshtasbi makes the case for the value of having a personal brand. She has a diverse cliental which includes attorneys and other professionals.
This short, easy to read book provides insights, ideas and case studies of just how and why creating your own brand can help you build a business and also be happier and more productive in your career.
Her point is that clients want to know more about you as a person and not just about your legal abilities. She also makes the point that branding is more than just having a logo, business cards and stationery. It’s the image you present to others. Your brand is the message you send to others.
Goshtasbi helps you learn how to take control of your professional message and tell the stories you want others to know.
This slim book provides a wealth of information, not just for sole practitioners, people starting up their own firms, but also for firm partners and associates who want to build up their client list and boost their careers.
The book is on the New Book Cart until June, 2015 with call number KF 316.5 .G67 2013.

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