Friday Nights Rights – Benefits of ACLL Membership

Alameda County Law Library Annual Membership Levels 2, 3, 4 (starting at $75/year) allow for books that do not normally circulate to go home with you over the weekend. On Fridays nights — within an hour of closing (normally after 5:00 PM) – this means you can sign out up to eight volumes including the ever popular Rutter Guides or CEB titles and return them on Monday morning by 9:30 AM. (ACLL has book return boxes outside the buildings at Oakland and Hayward.)  Not everyone’s idea of fun weekend plans, but when you have to work on Saturday or Sunday, having these expert resources on hand can be a great plus. This benefit gets even better over the long holiday weekends. (We sympathize if you have to work over a holiday weekend….)

Friday nights have become very busy here at the ACLL Circulation Desk as our members take advantage of this benefit. Another plus (or minus) is that the Library’s Lake Merritt neighborhood in downtown Oakland has become a go-to destination now with Friday Nights at the Oakland Museum  and the Off the Grid food trucks at 1000 Oak Street.  Finding street parking after the usual court business hours isn’t as easy as it had been during the winter but the ALCO fee parking structure at 1220 Jackson Street is open until 7:00 pm.  ACLL members can pick up ACLL books and then join the crowd for some wonderful street food for dinner.  To us, the pluses win out.

Come down and sign up for an ACLL Membership on your next visit. You will need:

• Payment – cash, check or credit
• Photo ID
• State Bar Card or proof of Alameda County Residency (license, utility bill etc.)

Here is a summary chart of the ACLL Library Annual Membership Levels.

Attorneys and Alameda county residents receive additional benefits by becoming a library member:


 If you do come down to our Oakland location, parking issues also include another minor minus.  Look out when you park under the trees in our neighborhood. The protected black-crowned night herons are now nesting in a row of ficus trees near a U.S. Postal Service parking lot at Alice and 13th streets. A look at the sidewalk below will tell you where the birds are nesting above. The birds are gorgeous in flight. Just don’t bother to wash your car before parking underneath their nesting sites.  Maybe paying for parking at ALCO isn’t so bad.

black-crowned-night-heron-thumb-600x400-73674A black-crowned night heron. | Photo: San Diego Shooter/Flickr/Creative Commons License


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