Understanding the Insurance Claims Process Can Help You Win!

How Insurance Companies Settle CasesWhen we have to deal with insurance companies about a claim whether it’s a personal injury, homeowners’ liability, property issues or automobile accident, it can put us in a state of frenzy.
The procedure can be treacherous for both attorneys and non-attorneys. How does the process work? What are they looking for? Why do they handle it the way they do? Why are they asking all these questions? Why do I feel like I’m on trial?

David Frangiamore, a former unit claims manager for an insurance company and now a consultant and expert witness in insurance claims cases, provides many of the answers to these questions. This 25th revision of his book, How Insurance Companies Settle Cases, is a valuable asset for anyone dealing with insurance companies.

Topics covered included: Introduction to the claims game; investigating coverage; how to succeed at settlement conferences; claims denials; how to estimate bodily injury settlement; bad faith and common claim myths. It also includes information about the claims manuals the adjusters use.

Chapters are broken down by smaller topics and include references to state laws and cases. At the back of the book is a list of cases mentioned as well as an index.

How Insurance Companies Settle Cases provides a behind-closed-doors look at how insurance cases are valued, what the adjuster needs to settle your case, and how to keep your case moving.

If you are involved in any claims with an insurance company, this book will surely help you understand your position, what the adjusters are looking for and how to get the best settlement you can.

The book is on the “New Book” truck near the Reference Desk until March. After that it will be on the shelf at KF 1164.3 .M55 and does circulate.

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