101 Uses for a Dead Cat(alog)!

101 Uses for a Dead Cat(alog)!

Library card catalogs are only passé in libraries themselves. For those in the know, the library card catalog is a beautiful piece of furniture which fits in any home décor, from traditional to eclectic.

Those in the know include Leonard and Sheldon who have one in their apartment. (Leonard and Sheldon of the TV show The Big Bang Theory, but you knew that of course. Because you are ITK.)

And since you are ITK, you will want one of the Alameda County Law Library’s beautiful, vintage card catalogs for your own home.
Some of these beauties date back to the 1920s when card
catalogs were made from quarter sawn oak (also known as Tiger Oak), dovetail drawers (not a nail in sight) and brass fittings. This quarter sawn technique results in a beautiful tiger wood pattern which sadly is not used a great deal today due to the extra work and wood required.

The Library’s pieces for sale range from small, 15 drawers to large 40 drawers. Prices range from $400.00 to $800.00 (or best offer – call the library for details).

We can’t list all 101 uses for the catalogs here (and there may be even more), but you will find great ideas on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/suziholler/card-catalogs/ and elsewhere on the Internet. People have used them for everything from wine cabinets to sock drawers (for sock aficionados only). But you will probably have creative uses of your own for them that reflect your style. Or you could just enjoy them as beautiful unique furniture.

These pieces would make great holiday presents for yourself or other loved ones! Come by and check them out at the Alameda County Law Library, 125 12th Street, Oakland, CA or for more
information, call the library at 510-208-4830. Photos available on request.

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