Lawyers and the Stories They Tell

Storytelling for LawyersA book recently added to the library collection is Lawyers as Storytellers by Philip N. Meyer.

In library school, I learned how to do storytelling with children, to grab and keep their attention. It really is a special skill.

It’s also a skill that attorney’s need and which most attorney’s don’t even think about. Storytelling is part of an attorney’s role and not just litigators. Meyers, who has been successfully developing this skill over many years of practicing, does an excellent job of explaining techniques to become a better storyteller.

He explores how to use your voice, develop plot lines and characterization, use of language, words and structure to inform every area of your practice.

Meyer was a trial lawyer for many years before serving as Coordinator of the Lawyering Program at New York University. He is now a Professor at Vermont Law School. He also has an MFA from the prestigious Writers’ Workshop at the University of Texas.

He uses those skills to create an outline of how to become a storyteller. Discussed is how to plot and move in a compelling fashion from Point A to Point B taking your listeners with you and how to create a seamless story during a presentation of facts.

Overall, he explains how and why to do that offering a comprehensive explanation of how to achieve storytelling skills to enhance your lawyering ability. It explains the importance of the role of narrative in litigation and general practice using examples from multiple sources to help you create better “stories” as you practice law.

This book is perfect for lawyers, teachers, law students or anyone else who tries to keep the attention of listeners as they speak and teach them any subject. It offers a tool kit to supplement the analytical skills taught in law school.

For the next few months, the book will be on the New Book Truck near the Reference Desk. After that, it will be on the shelf at K 181 M49 2014.

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