California criminal defense of immigrants 2014 – NEW Never before published

Cal crim defenseCalifornia criminal defense of immigrants 2014. / by Norton Tooby and KatherineBrady, Oakland, CA, CEB, 2014 KFC 698 .T66 2014 (Now on the New Books Cart)

Speakers are often introduced as needing no introduction, with the host then proceeding to recount every moment of the speaker’s life from birth. Mr. Tooby is one of those who truly need no introduction, at least for those familiar with the field of immigration law. For others, briefly, authors Norton Tooby and Katherine Brady, both are well known California attorneys and nationally known experts in crimes and immigration.

A prolific author and speaker, Mr. Tooby has co-authored the only book on criminal defense of immigrants specific to California. Representing noncitizen criminal defendants, the attorney must not only be aware of the criminal but also the immigration consequences of plea agreements to strategies for post-conviction relief. This book provides the guidance you may need to effectively resolve these issues.

The book also includes:
• Charts
• Diagnostic questionnaires
• Checklists
• Scripts
• And additional resources

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