Just in! Law Library Adds “California Criminal Defense of Immigrants” to Its Collection including access via OnLaw.

ToobyONLAW_icon-80Several patrons have asked if we have or could get Norton Tooby’s book in the library.
We now have access to it both as a book and also as an electronic resource. Information from the electronic version of this title can be printed or saved to a flash drive.

“California Criminal Defense of Immigrants” discusses the issue from two perspectives, one the actual criminal case and two, its effect on the defendant’s immigration status. The goal of this book is to assist counsel in protecting the non-citizen’s immigration status and mitigating the harm the criminal case can bring to that status.

Since the decision in Padilla v Kentucky ((2010) 559 US 356) on the failure of the attorney to advise the defendant on the immigration consequences of a plea, the duty to protect the immigration status of the defendant has been receiving more attention. This book discusses this and the importance of preventing immigration related disasters while defending the criminal case.

Immigration officials are identifying criminal non-citizens during trials and placing “holds” to prepare a non-citizen for deportation proceedings. Therefore, it is essential that the defense attorney have in place safe havens, pleas and specific proceedings which are delineated in this book.

This practice manual walks you through the critical stages of a criminal case, how to identify the immigration concerns, create strategies and provide the advice you need for effective resolution of both issues.

Mr. Tooby brings his expertise into play to help other attorneys prepare for court in cases like this. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America and his book is “Criminal Defense of Immigrants” is considered the standard in this area of law and has been used as a manual by United States Supreme Court judges.

Mr. Tooby’s co-author, Katherine Brady is a senior staff attorney at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in San Francisco. She has authored several other books on this subject and co-founder of the national Defending Immigrants Partnership and the Immigrant Justice Network.

The book can be found at KFC 698 .T66 for the next few weeks on the new book truck and then on the shelf.

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