Hot Off the Press! CEB Hits the Bull’s Eye Again!

CA Torts FormsONLAW_icon-80Joining the many useful titles published by California Education of the Bar is the newest arrival to the Law Library.
California Tort Forms From Expert Litigators puts together not only form templates, but also a summary of applicable law, elements of the action, damages and defenses. The book covers some commonly sought out and some not so often sought out topics.
How often have you looked for sample for injuries caused by animals? Automobile accidents? Common carriers, like buses, trains and planes? Construction liability? Government liability? Medical malpractice? Premises liability? Product liability?
Templates include authorization letters, initial letters to defendants and insurers, demand for production and sample complaints, settlements and jury instructions. There are also templates from the defendant’s viewpoint.
This new titles comes with a CD-ROM, which can be used in your personal computer while in the library since the book does not circulate. The CD-ROM cannot be used on library computers. The book is available on the library Research and Forms computers through OnLaw , the CEB online database. Ask at the Reference Desk for a Research or Forms ticket to see California Tort Forms From Expert Litigators online.
The book can be found on the “New Book” truck at the library for the next few months. After that, it will be at the Reference Desk at KFC 310 .A65 C35.

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