Hidden Gems of the Library – Part 4 “Panic Attack! or I have an unusual discovery situation and I don’t know where to start!”

Hidden-Gems-logop14029712-4654L  Pattern Discovery may be the answer to your problem. The series discusses       specific subjects such as torts, medical malpractice, motor vehicles, employment discrimination or product liability. Even though it is called “Pattern Discovery,” It    covers some trial matters as well.
As an example, the tort set includes samples for interrogatories, depositions, and requests for production of documents, as well as 75 partial sets of “building block” pattern interrogatories for:
• People involved and sources of information;
• Circumstances of the occurrence;
• The occurrence;
• Injury, loss, and treatment;
• Events after the occurrence; and
• The lawsuit.
More than 50 partial sets of deposition checklists and ready-to-use sets covering 23 types of tort actions help you investigate the identity of the deponent, witnesses, the time of occurrence, weather warnings by parties, government standards and regulations, and more.
All volumes include instructions on writing interrogatories, requests for production of documents and admissions, discovery options, deposition preparation, handling experts and other witnesses, trial and negotiations and specific topics for that topic.
Although not California specific, these volumes provide valuable information which cannot be easily found anywhere else.
The co-authors are Donald Danner (who died in 2008) and Larry Varn. Mr. Danner was the co-founder of the American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics and had extensive experience in the area of personal injury law. He graduated from Harvard University and Boston University School of Law. Mr.Varn is an experience trial attorney in Boston and has co-authored several volumes on pretrial discovery and expert witnesses.
Pattern Discovery can be found on the second floor of the Law Library at KF 8900.

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