Hidden Gems of the Library – Part 2 : Liability from Errant Golf Balls?

p13503828-2082LHidden-Gems-logoEver wonder how to prove your case for that errant golf ball or put together interrogatory questions on Employer Liability for Employee Injury from a Third Person? –or- a Toxic Liver Injury? – or – Injury by Non-Use of a Computer? Are these topics which you know little or nothing about? Then this week’s featured “Gem” may be just what you need.

American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts (Am Jur Proof of Facts for short). This multi-volume (122 volumes) set can help you determine what you need to prove and how to use that information to win your case in a quick and efficient way. The set is not California specific, but includes such a vast amount of useful information that is should be seen as an extremely valuable tool to use while litigating your case. There are also lots of references to other sources to find more information on diverse and very specific subject areas.

Volumes are published sequentially and the set covers a wide range of topics in civil litigation and some criminal defense areas. Subjects covered include personal injury/torts, employment litigation, real estate, business torts and commercial litigation. It also discusses ways to avoid difficulties or failures of proof in presenting your information.

Each section includes legal analysis of the underlying law, checklists with elements of damages and proof, sample pleadings, discovery and motions. There are also sources for developing interview questions, interrogatories and even trial and deposition questions. It even includes sample proofs and questions to use when examining an expert witness.

Topical sections are written by judges, attorneys and experts in the subject field.

Plus, there is a five-volume index to the set to assist you in getting to the right article.

AmJur Proof of Facts, now in its third series, can be found at KF 8935 .A83 on the second floor of the library.

Come in and check it out. You might wish you’d have been using it a lot more often!

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