CCH Federal and California Taxes Online Database


CCH Federal and California Taxes are now available in the Main Law Library via our public desktop computers and in the Branch Law Library in Hayward over our Wi-Fi network. The online database includes much more material than our former print subscription.
The online version includes enhanced search capability of primary sources as well as additional content not available in the former print version. Additional content includes tax news, journals, and research aids. Reviews cite the new revised Calendar as an excellent feature. Research aids includes decision trees, flow charts, and more. A further benefit is that all of these additional materials are available in one place and can be found with a single search.

Resources by type include:
Explanations / Laws / Regulations / Cases / Legislative Documents/ IRS Materials/ Agency Materials / News / Journals / Research Aids (Decision Trees, Flow Charts)

Resources by title include:
CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter CCH California State Tax Reporter Tax Court Reports Tax Research Consultant
Federal Tax Forms
Fed and State Forms
IRS Pubs State Tax Smart Charts
Tax Prep Partner – 1040
Tax Prep Partner – 1065
Tax Prep Partner – 1120
Tax Prep Partner – 1120S
Tax Prep Partner – 1041
Tax Prep Partner – 5500
Tax Prep Partner – 706/709
Tax Prep Partner –990
Tax Prep Partner-Payroll

Watch this space, our web site events calendar at or our facebook page at for the upcoming MCLE program on searching CCH Federal and California Taxes.

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