Opening a Business in California or Helping Someone Do it? Here’s What You Need to Know about Hiring, Retaining and Terminating Employees!

California Employment LawAttorney Douglas Farmer has written “California Employment Law: The Complete Survival Guide to Doing Business in California”. This more than 1200 page book covers every aspect of the state’s employment law.

The volume is divided into 7 sections. Each section has shading on the edge of the book to make it easier to find. Sections are: The Employment Relationship; Recruitment and Hiring; Discrimination and Harassment; Disability in the Workplace; Time Off from Work; Wages, Hours and Work Conditions; and Termination and Discipline. Each of these is then subdivided into smaller sections on specific points of law. At the end of each chapter are endnotes with references to code sections and other pertinent information.

There is a very good index at the back of the book as well as a CD-ROM with forms and other resources.

Mr. Farmer has tried a broad range of employment cases in state and federal courts, including wage and hour representative actions, in addition to sexual harassment, age discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, and other wrongful termination matters is recognized as one of California’s leading employment in California.

The book can be found on the “New Book Truck” with the call number KFC 556 .F37 2013.

The library would like to thank the author, Douglas J. Farmer, for donating this volume to the library.

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