Now here! A New Way to Print Documents at the Law Library Main Branch

NO more waiting to get your copies while the Reference Librarians are helping other people! NO more sorting your Print stationprintouts from other people’s!  More efficient and avoids duplicates! Saves paper and toner to help the environment! And it’s waiting for you to use it!

The law library’s new system allows patrons to print and pay for documents sent from the library’s computers within 15 minutes of when they are sent to the print station. Printouts will no longer be available at the Reference Desk. The cost of printing remains $.20 a page.
The first time a patron uses the the new system, he/she will need to register and set up a personal user name and password. before anything can be printed. Once registered, that user name and password can be used multiple times, so make sure it can be easily remembered.
Only the patron who sends the documents to the printer retrieval station will be able to retrieve his printouts from the print queue. They will not be able to see any other person’s documents.
Multiple documents may be printed at the same time. The system will tell the patron how much they owe for each document. If the patron is printing multiple documents, they will need to add the individual costs up. If there is any document which the patron does not want to print, the print job can be canceled at the print retrieval station. Once the patron puts the amount (cash only) into the retrieval unit, the document(s) will print. If there is change due, it will automatically be refunded in the change return.
There is one caveat, if a patron wants only 1-2 pages of a document, but the entire document is in the queue, they must pay for the entire document or it will not be released. This means patrons will have to be very aware of what they are sending to print.
The Reference Desk staff will be available to provide assistance, especially in the early days of the new retrieving system and will always be available to make change for those needing coins or smaller bills to pay for their print jobs. The new system does not accept credit cards. There are also detailed instructions available at the Reference Desk and the Print Station.

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