MCLE Opportunities at and through the Alameda County Law Library

Whether or not it is crunch time for you to complete your 25 hours of MCLE credits by 2/3/2014 the Alameda County Law Library has ways for you to earn the credits you need.

1. Download audio or stream  video MCLE programs:

A special arrangement with CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar California) allows Alameda County Law Library to sell CEB’s on-demand programs at $35 per credit hour instead of the typical $139 per credit hour; and  you may watch or listen to the program for one year after purchase.

Conveniently make an online purchase (note: it may take a business day to grant you access to the selected program) from a selected list of recent CEB MCLE programs in the areas of elimination of bias, legal ethics, practice and substance abuse.

Or, invest in improving your writing skills with Smith on Legal Writing a two credit program available for online purchase.

The complete catalog of CEB On Demand (scroll down to find the “on-demand” program listings) is available for purchase at the library reference desk.

2. Attend a live MCLE program at the law Library

These programs are scheduled before the 2/3/2014 deadline:

  • Substance Abuse (1 hour substance abuse credit) 1/15/2014

Using a case study of an addict attorney, this program will outline the brain chemistry of addiction and alcoholism, as well as the behavioral and health consequences of the disease. The speaker will discuss the ethical rules concerning substance abuse. Attendees will be given a self-diagnosis exercise to use if they are concerned that they may have a problem. They will also be informed of solutions, strategies and resources available to them. Our speaker presents this very serious topic with drama, an engaging touch of humor and irony and invites attorneys to take time for sometimes needed self-reflection. Register online or call 510-272-6483

  • Finding California Court Filings, Briefs & Form Templates (1 hour participatory credit) 1/16/2014

Learn how to retrieve California trial court documents, appellate briefs and form templates using legal databases available at the Alameda County Law Library:

  • Retrieving complaints, motions and memoranda filed in California state courts using Westlaw, WestlawNext, PACER, and Superior Court websites
  • Retrieving California appellate briefs using West’s California Public Law Library Briefs Service and Briefserve
  • Searching California Forms of Pleading & Practice, available on Lexis. Com
  • Finding form templates in Rutter Guides, available on Westlaw/WestlawNext

Register online or call 510-272-6483

  • Establishing Parentage in Changing Family Structures (1.5 hours participatory credit) 1/29/2014

It is a truism that children depend on the adults around them for their care, support and well-being.  That has not changed.  This care and support is usually provided in the context of family relationships.  However, with social perceptions regarding family structures changing, a fundamental question is being raised:  which relationships will be given legal recognition and protection?  The social consensus is rapidly changing.  As a New York Times article on current developments in family structures recently noted, “researchers who study the structure and evolution of the American family express astonishment at how rapidly the family has changed in recent years.”  The law is attempting to keep pace.  This session will focus on how the law is being affected by parental presumptions, intentions and behavior as well as genetics, declarations and donationsSpecifically, we will address the various ways parentage can be established, the various classes of fathers, and the adult-child relationships that fall within the protection of the law.  Along the way we will look at SB 274 allowing for more than two parents and at case law that is creating multiple fathers as a result of the divergent purposes of dependency and family courts. Register online or call 510-272-6483

3. Listen to or watch a CD/DVD in the library or at your home or office.

  • The library has an extensive collection of MCLE programs for rent on CD or DVD. You can retrieve listings from the online catalog and select from the dynamic search set on the left side of the screen. You can see all 226 titles from 2002 or a list of the 94 titles with ethics credits.

For more information contact library director Mark Estes, or 510-272-6481

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