Rules for Confessions in California

California Confessions LawThe rules for confessions are very complicated, but the Honorable Vincent J. O’Neill, a Superior Court Judge in Ventura County, has again compiled the intricacies of this part of criminal law into an easy to use reference in “California Confessions Law.” Part of the West “Expert Series,” this 2013-2014 version analyzes confessions issues, citing both California and Federal cases.
The topics progress in a logical order from the beginning of the first contact with the accused, breaking down “voluntary confessions”, the differences between Sixth amendment guarantees and the Miranda rule and the special rules for interviewing juveniles. As it progresses, Judge O’Neill discusses motions to suppress and trial issues.
The book analyzes and summarizes constitutional law, statutory confessions laws, and other related topics, including due process violations, actual and threatened violence and the effect of deliberate Miranda violations to impeach defense statements.
Besides citing case law, each subsection begins with references to West Key Numbering System and California Jurisprudence.
Once more the “Expert Series” has created an important source of information for both attorneys and others involved in criminal cases.
This title can be found on the “New Book” truck with the call number KFC 1167 .A59 O54 2013.

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