Friday Afternoon MCLE Programs

Earn some MCLE credits in the comfortable surroundings of the Alameda County Law Library on Friday afternoons. Bring your own lunch and feed your body and brain in the company of others wanting to learn about the MCLE topic at a special price.

The Alameda County Law Library offers a special price of $35/credit hour for streaming CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar California) on-demand programs instead of the usual $139/credit hour price. (Note: this special price is good only in the law library.)

Currently scheduled through year end is a selection of video streaming programs offering MCLE credits in: elimination of bias, ethics, general or substance abuse. Click the link to register online or call 510-272-6483. The [bracketed years] are the year of the original program.

Wine Law Forum: Introduction to Wine Law: The ABCs [2012] 11/8/13
Ten Things You Should Know About Attorney Fee Appeals [2013] 11/15/13
“Girlie Men” and “Manly Girls”: Gender and Language for Attorneys [2010] 11/22/13
The Zen Lawyer: How to Reduce Stress—An Intellectual Approach [2012] 12/6/13
The Zen Lawyer: How to Reduce Stress—A Demonstration [2012] 12/13/13
Smith on Legal Writing [2012] 12/20/13

Come early or state late to do some research or take in the current art exhibit, “Afro-Futurism.”

If there are other CEB on demand programs you’d like shown at the law library, contact the director, Mark Estes, or 510-272-6481

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