The Art of Becoming a Better Leader in 37 Easy Lessions!

Lesson in leadershipAttorney Thomas C. Grella has many years of experience both good and not so good as a leader in his law firm. In his new book, “Lessons in Leadership: Essential Skills for Lawyers,” he breaks that experience down into useful topical subject areas. By leadership, he means truly leading as being an integral part of the firm. His experience makes this book insightful not only for practice area heads and the managing partner, but also for all others who may be in a position to lead others. Leadership, in his definition, can be achieved at any level within the organization. It’s how you interact with others and provide guidance.
This small book contains many ideas for what makes a good leader, actions that matter and provocative questions to think about. Published by the ABA Law Practice Management Section, it should be seen as an excellent starting point for thinking about leadership, the skills needed and what skills and attitudes make for good leadership.
Chapters cover a definition of leadership, developing those skills, client leadership, day-to-day leadership methods and planning for the future for both the individual and the organization. Each chapter is broken down into easy understandable lessons with questions to ponder and additional suggested readings.
These lessons are just not about in leadership in law firms, but also in life.
It can be found with the Law Practice Management materials as you enter the library. The call number is KF 300 .G74 2013.

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