Summer Fun – Our Summer Movie Picks

It’s summer, the time for buildings crashing, vehicles racing and sequels of former hits to surfaceMovies on your local movie screens. For those of us who prefer smaller, quieter, more interesting films, there  are a few on the horizon to make our summer more enjoyable. A few are already in theaters and others will soon be out.
For those anxious to begin their film viewing, both Before Midnight , Frances Ha, Stories We Tell and We Steal Stories: The Story of Wikileaks are waiting for your visit right now.
Of these, I’ve personally seen the first three. Before Midnight is the third film about the relationship of Celine and Jesse. The first film, Before Sunrise, describes their meeting on a train from Budapest to Paris. Nine years later, they meet again in Paris in Before Sunset. Now we see them after another nine year interval and learn about their lives while they are summering in Messina, Greece. The dialog is very bright and well-written.
Frances Ha is about a 27-year old woman who has yet to find her way to being an adult. It’s quirky, delightful and interesting.
Stories We Tell is a semi-documentary by Sarah Polley about finding out that her father is not her biological father. The film tells the story from the various viewpoints of her two fathers, sisters and brothers as well as family friends. Very insightful.
We Steal Secrets is a documentary by Alex Gibney about WikiLeaks and their agenda.
Other promising films include a new Woody Allen, Blue Jasmine; Sophia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, a tale similar to the teenage robbery ring in the LA area, where young women broke into star’s homes and stole jewelry and clothes.
Of course, July brings Fruitvale Station about the shooting of Oscar Grant at that BART station in Oakland. Should be of interest to many people in the Bay Area.
Just a few of the films available written for adults. There is hope after all for this summer film season.

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