Our Facebook Future: How It May Serve Us!

Texas Bar JournalWhile it just happened in the United States, service of process by Facebook has been happening in other countries for several years. It has been used in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand when all other means of find the defendant(s) have not worked. Once the Facebook account owner has been verified,  a private message is sent with the documents attached.

Australia was the first country to use it in the case of MKM Capital v. Corbo in 2008. The defendants had moved, changed jobs and phone numbers. The plaintiffs were able to prove that the Facebook accounts they found were for the defendants because of the way they had “friended” each other and other identifiable information on the Facebook pages.

Courts are beginning to see the worth of this method of service in special situations.  Is service Twitter next?

The Texas Bar Association Journal has an interesting article on this topic: Texas Bar Journal March 2010

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