New Addition to Rutter Group’s California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial Series

First there was Civil Procedure Before Trial, then they spun off Statutes of Limitation and Forms . Now we have a new two volume Claims and Damages subject specific “Claims and Defenses .” (KFC 1020 .W57)

While the original Civil Procedure Before Trial walks a person through the steps of a law suit, it doesn’t present subject specific information. You would have to use several other books to put that information together.

This new 2-volume set fills that gap by discussing topics like Harm to Persons, Harm to Economic Interests, Harm to Reputation and Privacy Interests, Fraud, Negligence, etc. Each of the 13 chapters discusses one area of law and provides elements of a claim, particular defenses, statute of limitations and remedies for each subject within the chapter. For example, the chapter on “Product Liability” has sub-areas of manufacturer defect, design defect, warning defect, negligence and breach of warranty. “Fraud” includes fraud and deceit, negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent transfers .
The set is available for use in the library. Come in and look it over.

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