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Neighbor Disputes: Law and Litigation
Baxter, Todd W and Rubin, Kay F., CEB, 2013
KFC 141 .N4 5

This new title from California Education of the Bar (CEB) becomes a very useful tool in this treacherous area of law. When neighbors have problems, the results can be disastrous. While not perfect, mostly because there are no forms, the authors have managed to bring together a compendium of the most common issues between neighbors in one easy to use volume. It also includes some contemporary problems which have not been addressed before like solar and wind energy and home businesses. This is beyond the problems we usually think of: trees, encroachments, easements, fences, obstructed views, water rights, animals and noise, for example. Until now, there has been no good California treatise on these issues. This book solves that problem. Let’s hope in the future the authors and CEB decide to either incorporate sample forms or publish a companion volume with that information. Reviewed by Sheila Corman.

Understanding the Law Series (LexisNexis):
Understanding Property Law

Jonathon G. Sprankling,
2012KF 561 .S67 2012 Self-Help

This series is similar to the West’s Nutshell books in a larger physical format that is easier to read. “Property” here includes real and personal property with chapters covering topics as diverse as “Finders of Personal Property” to “Wild Animals” to “Intellectual Property”. The basics of real property are explained in chapters on the fundamentals of land title, adverse possession, nuisance, transfer at death, trespass, easements, zoning and more. The book also analyzes such cutting edge issues as current takings issues, the new Restatement (Third) of Property (Servitudes),

Understanding Constitutional Law
John B. Attanasio and Joel K. Goldstein, 2012
KF 4550 .Z9 R43 2012 Self-Help

While a foundational source on constitutional law, this guide’s value lies in bringing together analysis of relatively recent cases raising constitutional law issues. Much is made of “new justiciability decisions of the Roberts Court”. Many of the decisions included Involve “hot button” issues such as partial birth abortion, the Second Amendment, homosexuality, the Patriot Act, school desegregation, and religion.

Understanding Disability Law
Mark C. Weber, 2012
KF 480 .W433 2012 Self-Help

Did you know that the largest minority in the United States are people with disabilities? Laws, regulations and cases have increased accordingly along with questions and controversies. For one attempting to learn about or research disability issues, this title is a “compact treatise” which analyzes these as related to disability discrimination in employment, education, public accommodations, by federal, state and local governments, housing, transportation and telecommunications. Constitutional issues of due process, equal protection and the Eighth Amendment arise particularly in cases of mental disabilities. The book discusses other laws as related to controversial and unresolved issues of disability rights, such as who is a person with a disability purposes of federal statutes. This is a useful starting guide to this complex area of the law.

2 thoughts on “New Books

  1. To: Claudia Cook
    Would like to connect with you via email. I’m an author for The Rutter Group, and you did a nice review on one of my books. Wanted to connect to see if you would be interested in submitting your review to a magazine.
    Douglas R. Parker


    • Was that the review of Opposing California Motions? I am sorry if I didn’t list you as an author. The book is very helpful and is used here quite a lot. My e-mail is Please feel free to contact me.


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