Opposing California Civil Motions

Opposing California Civil Motions

Do you ever have problems finding informationOpposing California Civil Motions on opposition papers, including forms and formatting? Finding them can be problematic. They can be found of course but with some difficulty. Some sources are extremely detailed and just have too much information for the layperson and even for some attorneys. Both the requestor and the librarian’s eyes start to glaze over. (Plus the print is tiny!)*

And finding an opposition form on point is only the beginning. You must also state the grounds for opposition and include Memoranda of Points and Authorities. You must understand the form and contents of the motion.

The Rutter Group comes to the rescue once again. The latest in their excellent Civil Litigation Series is Opposing California Civil Motions: Model Opposition Briefs. Others in the series include California Law and Motion Model Forms, California Law and Motion Authorities, and California Summary Judgment and Related Termination Motions.

Opposing California Civil Motions consists of filled-in sample forms (format, grounds for specific opposition), explanation, practice tips and points and authorities, in an “all in one” source. Chapters cover in detail opposing the following types of motions: General, Preliminary; Summons; Pleadings; Subpoena; Discovery, Continuance and Arbitration.

The chapter on Opposing General Motions includes Opposition to Motions to Extend or Shorten Time and Opposition to Requests for Judicial Notice. The chapter on Opposition to Discovery includes “Inserts – If Seeking Sanctions”.

The very good “How to Use this Book” in the front of the book (which unfortunately many people will not read) includes an Overview, Procedural Motion Tips (citing California Code sections and Court Rules on service and timing etc.), and a Tentative Rulings explanation and information on how to oppose a Tentative Ruling.

Ask the librarians for the Civil Litigation Series title you want. These are kept behind the Reference Desk.

*With all due respect to the venerable California Pleading and Practice and the mighty California Points and Authorities.

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