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Teen’s death at dangerous intersection results in $1.85M

The mother of a bicyclist fatally struck within a crosswalk at an intersection received a $1.85 million settlement following two mediations. In 2010, Plaintiff was struck by Defendant at the intersection of State Route 132 and Western Avenue in Waterford. She was unable to be revived and died nearly seven hours later. Plaintiff’s mother claimed that Defendant was speeding and did not slow until moments before impact. She also claimed that the city of Waterford previously warned the state’s Department of Transportation about hazards at the intersection and asked it to added additional safety features, such as a traffic light, but the state didn’t respond. Defendant claimed that Plaintiff darted into the intersection and that he never saw her before the crash. The state claimed that the plaintiff’s suggested improvements did not prove the intersection was dangerous. The city claimed it was not responsible for the maintenance of the intersection. Of the total settlement, the state contributed $1 million, Defendant and his employer contributed $800,000, and the city contributed $50,000.

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VerdictSearch at the Law Library

The library maintains a subscription to VerdictSearch Online. Library visitors can access VerdictSearch Online free of charge on computer terminals at the Main Library in Oakland. VerdictSearch Online features searchable case reports for every jury verdict, settlement agreement, judgment, and ADR decision that has been reported in a VerdictSearch publication (formerly Jury Verdicts Weekly) since 1985. By reviewing awards and settlements obtained in similar cases, attorneys and litigants can use VerdictSearch Online for case valuation. Users can save, print, or email results.

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