Popularity Contest for Law Books: The Winners Are

In the first quarter of 2012, the most popular books in the Alameda County Law Library in Oakland and its branch in Hayward, excluding primary law, were:

10. Win Your Lawsuit: Sue in California Superior Court Without a Lawyer.
 California Practice Guide: Civil Appeals and Writs.
California Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Foreclosure Litigation.
California Criminal Law, 3d ed.
  6. California Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial.
California Practice Guide Family Law.
West’s California Jurisprudence, 3d ed.
  3. Summary of California Law, 10th ed.
  2. California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial.
California Forms of Practice and Pleading.

Although this is the multi-media age with Pixar in neighboring Emeryville and Apple in Mountainview, it’s Damhoudere’s Praxis rerum criminalium (1554) and his Practique judiciaire et causes civiles (Antwerp, 1572) with their illustrations and useful texts, published in many languages and editions that combine art and learning to achieve popularity in the past and a resurgence in the present. See Mike Widner’s blog at http://blogs.law.yale.edu/rareworks/archive/2010/11/28/an-illustrated-manual-of-criminal-law.aspx for more information.

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