Soliciting a Solicitor

Many people come to the Alameda County Law Library looking for lawyer referrals.  Because we can’t make such recommendations ourselves, we generally suggest that these patrons contact the Alameda County Bar Association or one of the other referral services.  In other instances patrons want to know our opinions about particular attorneys.  Again, we are unable to express our impressions.  But just because we can’t give our opinions about particular attorneys doesn’t mean that no one else can.  For instance, on the State Bar of California website, you can perform an attorney search to determine if he or she is in good standing and is eligible to practice law.  And on the Avvo website, you are able to see ratings and reviews by former clients.  In fact, there are even resources available for those interested in reading about particular judges.  The Daily Journal publishes judicial profiles and Zagat-style reviews are available in California Courts & Judges.  For instance, the latter publication had this to say about Vaughn Walker, former district judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of California:

“[Judge Walker] has a delightful courtroom demeanor.  I just love going to his court.  He’s so entertaining,” said a criminal defense lawyer.  A former federal prosecutor also “always enjoyed being in front of him.”  The ex-prosecutor added, “He has the voice of a judge.  If you want to sound like a judge, you’d want a deep voice, and that’s how he sounds.  It’s very impressive.”  Another interviewee said Judge Walker is “very respectful.”

If you need a lawyer referral, for a nonrefundable fee of $30, the ACBA can arrange a consultation between you and an attorney for up to half an hour.  The fee is waived for personal injury, medical malpractice, sexual harassment, and worker’s compensation cases.  You can contact the Alameda County Bar Association at (501) 302-ACBA (2222).  If you want to read about a particular judge, both publications discussed are available at the Alameda County Law Library.  And if you just happen to be in the mood to write a review, feel free to tell the world about your wonderful experiences at the Alameda County Law Library on Yelp.

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