California Uncodified Statutory Material – What good is it?

A recent reference patron posed the question above.

Q. I am looking at a statute from the California Statutes and Amendments to the Codes.  There is a section of the statute that appears in the California code as “uncodified”. What is the value of uncodified statutory material?

A. From Hastings College of the Law, How to Compile a California Legislative History”, comes this answer:  “[The]uncodified version of the law may contain an urgency statement or some other message of intent, which may be excluded when codified”.

There is much more legislative history information at the Hastings web page under “Other sources” which includes links to materials such as Senate Analyses of bills, legislation and ballot propositions, and statutory construction.

A source for in-depth legislative history including tips and tricks from a former long time legislative insider and head of Legislative Research and Intent, Ms. Carolina Rose, is on the LRI website.  Those include The Magic Drawer: “A Collection of Index Cards, with Hand-Written Annotations, Which Provide all Register Citations by Title, 1945-1990” copied by Legislative Research Inc., from the Office of Administrative Law in Sacramento, California and The Morgue “Case Law Invalidating California Regulations, Recent Decisions,” compiled by Mike Ibold, Law Librarian.

The Alameda County Law Library collection contains extensive resources for California legislative history, including bills, Statues and Amendments to the Codes, Legislative Journals and the reports of the Law Revision Commission.  We also have materials on statutory construction, Statutes and statutory construction / Norman J. Singer, KF 425 S25 2007 — Stack 203A [2nd floor].

This is  a small listing of legislative history sources.  Come in or call your Alameda County Law Library for information on California Legislative History.

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